Insanity – Day 17: Pure Cardio

well, i missed yesterday – it was a bad day, which started on Monday night. i play on a church league softball team and i was playing first base. Between innings, as most teams do, we were playing catch in the infield. i rolled it to the second baseman and he threw it into me. at the last second, i lost it in the lights, it missed the glove and it smacked me right in the upper lip. luckily, he didn’t throw it hard. no busted nose, no loose or missing teeth, but even today it feels like i got a huge dip in my upper lip (top shelf style). i split the inside of my lip and it’s still quite puffy and i go through all of that – and all the bruising is on the inside of my mouth! what fun is that? so when i saw someone for the first time yesterday, they looked at me funny cuz it’s sorta hard to notice, unless you know it’s there.

so yesterday, i slept in cuz the head was throbbin. and today, i wanted to do the same, but i sucked it up, forced myself out of bed and got over to the fitness center only to find, it’s hell day – pure cardio and cardio abs. well, i’m short on time, so i dropped the abs workout (although, i did notice my obliques were sore today – not sure if that was from the cardio abs last week or just from swinging the bat at batting practice and the game Monday). now, i wasn’t sure what to do with the missed day, do i just skip day 16 (which is what i did) or do i do day 16 and push everything back? anyone got any input on that?

Insanity – Day 17: complete (sorta)

inspirational quote of the day:
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
– Walt Disney

this quote i found kinda funny as i watched parts of the insanity workouts a few times before i just put the DVD in and did it