Yes, it’s true, I am more than just computers and football, most of which isn’t really important enough to put on a website (yeah, even a personal website such as this). Let’s steal some fun items from those forwards you get from bored friends:

Thirteen things about “T”:

  1. Born on Date: that’s classified, but if you pay attention, you can prolly figure it out
  2. Favorite Drink: water, boring, yeah i know… but it gets the job done
  3. Favorite DRINK: oh, that kind of drink… um – i’m a fan of the good ol vodka-cranberry, long island (with pineapple instead of coke) and the honewiess with a lil bit-o-lemon
  4. Favorite Movie: too many good ones out there to pick out just one
  5. Favorite Song: see above
  6. Favorite Food: see aboves (i must be desperate for filler, huh?)
  7. Favorite Smell: campfires and gasoline (not necessarily together)
  8. Favorite Sport: um, duhr, football – but me likes most of em
  9. Siblings: yep, one sister. i affectionately call her ‘sister’. well, i guess i gots that brother-in-law now too, does that count for these things?
  10. Currently Reading: i’ve got about 10 different books started, some of which i should prolly just start over
  11. Currently Listening: i’ve been listening to the AM radio a bunch, does that mean i’m getting old?
  12. Summer or Winter: hmmm, tough one. i’ll say autumn or fall for the lay-person (football, cooler weather, hunting (bird and deer), football…)
  13. Chocolate or Vanilla: Strawberry or Mint Chocolate Chip

That should give you a little flavor of the guy who’s site you’re wasting your time on, want to know more? read the blog, thems is usually some interesting reads

Old shyt

I just happened to remember I did a website for a class my senior year in college – it was a business class and pretty fun. I’m not sure where this bit of history came back from, but I checked the old site (it was my first attempt at webdesign and not the most pretty thing ever) and stumbled across some interesting tidbits. This from the fall of 2001:


I have many aspirations of what I want to be ‘when I grow up’. A broad variety of interests make it difficult to single out one aspect of my life, however, seeing as how I dedicated the final years of my college career to Computer Science and have enjoyed the excitement and challenge – that’s where my focus will lie. I want to do something in either software development, database management or graphic design. Most of my schooling lies in the first two, however, I’ve always wanted to do something with graphics.

Athletics are also a large part of my life as they will continue to be in the future. I have devoted much time and energy into football and track and field and gotten so much more from those two sports. Friends, lessons, and the way I live my life are all a strong result of athletics.


As previously stated, athletics taught me a lot of life’s lessons, one being: “The harder you work, the luckier you become.” A strong work ethic is engrained in me, that’s what happens when you live for sports. I also feel that I have a creative mind. Some may call it being ‘odd’ or ‘weird’, I prefer creative. I also pick up on things very quickly and I have a strong sense of ‘street smarts’. These are just a few of the things I feel I am capable of contributing and bringing to the table.

About Me

  • My name is Eric T Tarasewicz
  • I am currently a senior at the University of South Dakota
  • I am a double major at USD going for my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • I also play tailback for the Yotes on the football team and I pole vault for the track team
  • During the summer of 2000, I interned at Unisys as a Student Tech
  • I’m a pieces and I like quiet walks along the beach and watching the sunrise

My how things have changed – and still some things haven’t. I think it’s pretty cool looking back at things like this (which is why I do this website stuff and bloggin) and see from whence a person came… besides we all know I’m training to become a cage fighter.