I put this section of my website together to put forth a little professionalism and display the myriad of projects I take part in on a semi-regular basis. My schooling at the University of South Dakota was in the computer realm (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science). And I’ve primarily stuck with the computer world my professional career. I’m a programmer/developer by trade and I’ve taught myself and learned on the fly (and with the assistance of graphically orientated co-workers) a great deal in graphics and making things pretty. While I make no claims to be a graphical guru, I have come a long way in my graphical skill set.

I’m the typical “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” – in the fact that I’ve programmed in a wide variety of languages: Object Oriented (C++, Java, VB), web (PHP, ASP, .NET, JSTL, JavaScript, jQuery), database (MySQL, MS SQL), proprietary and obsolete – most of these coming from actual projects in ‘the real world’. The fact that I’m familiar with so many different languages has been a wonderful attribute in many ways, especially in my current position as the WebMaster at Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever – as I’ve been a key contributor to many different projects in many different areas of the organization(s), reaching well beyond the role of a WebMaster.