Insanity – Day 15: Fit Test

mixed results today. Although, i’m not all that surprised by them. my body measurements were about the same as last time, the weight dropped 4 lbs and BMI went down .6, but body fat actually went up .1% from last time (not sure how that works, but whatever, the machine don’t lie). the rest of the measurements were about the same as the first time and this is probably due to the fact that i’m still not eating very well. let’s compare fit test exercise results from last time:

My Results:

Exercise day 1 day 15 +/-
Switch Kicks 50×2: 100 56×2:112 +12
Power Jacks 42 44 +2
Power Knees 69 70 +1
Power Jumps 18 29 +11
Globe Jumps 6 1/2 10 +3 1/2
Suicide Jumps (burpees) 11 14 +3
Push-Up Jacks 23 33 +10
Low Plank Oblique 18×2: 36 28×2: 56 +20

improvement every exercise! but i’m not too surprised at the gain, some of these exercises i’d never done before and by doing them a couple times a week, obviously there will be improvement. minimal gains on some, but i am very happy with the power jacks increase. aerobic still needs work and that starts tomorrow! 🙂

insanity: day 15: complete!

inspirational thought of the day:
“Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”
– Plato

a fitting quote today, no?