CFFB WoD 2.7.11

Today’s Workout

Complete 8 rounds:

Sprint a 20 yards – 40 yards– 20 yards Shuttle Drill

*Rest 45 seconds between rounds.
*For shuttle drill, start by sprinting 20 yards, change directions and sprint back 40 yards, change direction and sprint back 20 yards through original starting point.


Squat 3×5
Press 3×5

My Results

13.2s, 14.6s, 14.1s, 13.4s, 13.7s, 14.1s, 13.8s, 13.7s

Squat: 275lbs for all 3 sets
Press: 155lbs for all 3 sets

went fairly light on the squats, but i’m glad i did. the legs weren’t feeling the greatest after the WoD – ankle is a lil buggered up and left hammy was happy to be done after the last set. the press is a standing shoulder press (no legs) or at least that’s how i do it. gotta remember to drink plenty of water today…