CFFB WoD 2.8.11

Today’s Workout

Complete 3 rounds:

1 Muscle Clean to Push Press…2 Muscle Cleans to 2 Push Presses…3 Muscle Cleans to 3 Push Presses and so on until you can not complete the progression. Once you fail, rest 3-4 minutes, decide if you went too heavy or too light, adjust the weight if need be and try to beat your previous rounds.

*Each muscle clean must start on the ground.


Deadlift 5 RM (add 10 lbs to last workout)
Strict Pull Ups 3 x max reps

My Results

5rnds @ 135lbs, 4rnds @ 135lbs, 5rnds @ 135lbs

Deadlift: 425lbs
Pull Ups: 6, 4, 3

the WoD today was a very interesting one… it is crazy how fast i got burned out on the muscle cleans and presses. the forearms are still aching (which does not help when doing pull ups). deadlift felt pretty good and i jumped 20 lbs from the last workout instead of the prescribed 10lbs. and i’m glad i did. need to get that number up a lot higher. pull ups still suck – but i’m seeing progress. today was dead-hang pull ups and to get 6 in a set before i would’ve needed to kip em.