whoa it’s been a while

so here i is typin away at katie’s future home of work place stuffs. i’ve been helping DrAmy the chiropractor for which she will be working when she’s done with skool. i’ve also been workin on a new website for said chiropractor (DCHorizon.net). just a temporary splash screen now, cuz i’m waitin for some content from DrAmy before we go live with the site. i’m sure i’ll let you know when it goes live (haven’t i for all the other sites??)

let’s see what else is goin on… the wedding is still on, invitations are on their way… if you haven’t gotten one, that should say something 😉 just kidding, to most.

playin da football (at least) one more year, with the Central Minnesota Thunderbirds. from the sounds of things, we should have a pretty decent team again this year – but as with every semi-pro season i’ve been a part of – it will be another interesting year.

that’s the big stuffs for now – i’ll work at gettin things updated a lil more currently, but i’m actually helpin with that wedding stuffs… that takes time away from fun times. whatcha gonna do?? till next time…