an update!

well, i got yelled at from my cousin for not updating my own site, so here’s an update! i spose it’s the least i can do for him, now that he’s a kangaroo wrangler.

i really don’t have a ton of stuffs to say. i been kinda busy. katie graduated from the college stuffs this weekend so we had the rents over for dinner on saturday and then they came over sunday for the mommy’s day festivities – we grilled some burgers and played some games. good times.

this weekend katie and i are leaving for a little vacation – her graduation present. we done be goin on a cruise to the caribbean. yeah, woe is me! 🙂 we were looking at a couple things about the ship and looking at the amenities that are provided as part of the package… should be a good time.

football’s gonna be starting up here pretty soon. we’ve got our first game the weekend following the 4th of july. and so we’ll be having our practices startin up here pretty soon. good times.

oh, yeah, and i guess that wedding thing is comin up soon – 32 days away. she doesn’t know yet what she’s gettin herself into – and SSSSHHHHHH, don’t tell her anything. (course, this might not work too well as she’s reading this as i type… but still, SSSSHHHHH don’t tell her anything). and she wants me to change the ‘oh, yeah’ part, but i’m not gonna cuz i don’t have to and she can’t make me!!! muaha ha ha

well, dave – hope you enjoy the update.

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  1. wow. you’re going on a cruise before your wedding… What are you doing for a honeymoon after it to top that?! :):)

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