so my cousin is in australia – he got me to sign up for this bebo thing, and it’s actually a bunch of fun times – puttin pictures out there n stuphs. good times. if you wanna see mine (it’s not that exciting, yet) http://llamaGod.bebo.com some of ya’s might’ve even gotten an invite from me – yay you! if you didn’t don’t feel bad, i just sented it to a couple few peeps.

check it, or check yo’self foo!

*i just noticed that the links in my flash splash were broken and have been for a loooong time. now, course, i can’t find my original flash files, but i was able to figure out a temporary workaround… cripes! no wonder there wasn’t anyone to look at this site much… at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves won’t we?

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  1. ok, i don’t quite understand the bebo thingy – but i do like the picture of you and Katie. all together now……awwwwwwwww. 😉

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