we’ve done it to ourselves

not sure where this thought came from, but it came nonetheless. i was playing a few games of freecell, the quest is progressing and i was thinking about stupid people… and how there are way too many stupid people. and then i got to thinking about the olden days, olden even before i was around (i’ve heard stories). about the time when we went outside without helmets to go play in the yard, about the toys we used to play with that had sharp edges, about sockets without that stupid plastic cover. hey, we fell down, got hurt, scrapes and cuts – bled and bruised, but ya know what? we got back up, wiped away the tears and kept on playing after a period of time when it finally occurred to us that cryin wasn’t gettin us anywhere and that it really didn’t hurt that bad anyway. and you know what? after fallin down on the bike, we learned how to balance on two wheels.

what does this have to do with stupid people, you may ask… what DOESN’T it have to do with stupid people and the over population of stupid people on the planet today… if someone didn’t learn the first time that the gym set had sharp edges or if you ran out on the slippery ice or there was something else that, if not done correctly, would cause an individual pain – then that person would continue to get hurt until they corrected their behavior not do continue doing that activity that brought about the undesired effect. seems like common sense, don’t it? the idiot keeps doing it and getting hurt, the non-moron thinks, ‘hey, that doesn’t feel good, i’ll stop doing it’.

i’m not sure exactly when it started, but instead of letting kids learn these things on their own, parents over protected their, sometimes stupid, kids and the kids never learned. the parents made the kids wear helmets to cross the street or put plastic pads on the corners of gym sets or removed the gym sets altogether and made it not a requirement to have a gym class, cuz some people got hurt easily (gee, maybe they should’ve learned earlier in their life on their own how to not get hurt, but mommy cradled them too much). and all this snowballed and it got progressively worse and worse…

now, we’ve gone so far as to idiot-proof so many things (look at warning tags these days, are you kidding me? don’t use toaster in the shower. G.I.Joe parachute not suitable for real person) and made it almost impossible for stupid person to get it through their thick skulls that this activity isn’t advised to continue for one reason or another. and you know what? not only are stupid people living longer (cuz some of the activities that stupid people partook in just happened to kill them, [sarcasm]aaawwwww, poor stupid people[/sarcasm]), but now they’re reproducing stupid offspring and they’re not learning. in fact, they’re teaching stupid offspring how to continue to be stupid.

and all these stupid people are making life difficult for normal people, because now we’ve gotta establish stupid laws and rules. example: high school pole vaulters in minnesota MUST wear a helmet when vaulting. why? because stupid people vaulted wrong/incorrectly and/or didn’t do something correctly and killed themselves or got seriously hurt. (this is a stupid rule made by stupid people for a couple reasons, of which i won’t go into now perhaps another time) hey stupid person, learn how to vault correctly and you’ll be fine.

basically, what i’m getting at is stupid people tend to have stupid voices and these stupid voices are loud. what’s wrong with the world today? stupid people. with all the stupid rules, we’re allowing stupid people to flourish and reproduce and continue to be stupid. why don’t we away with stupid rules and let stupid people kill themselves off? go ahead and let em get hurt over and over again, until they finally learn, ‘hey, that’s not a good activity, perhaps i should stop seeing how long i can stare at the sun and find a better activity’ and ya know what? they might learn something, they might even find a way to contribute to society rather than continue to tear this great land to shreds. let them figure it out themselves, if they don’t figure it out… then they end up dying and that’s not a bad thing either – one less stupid person.

the funny part is, this wasn’t because i read or heard any particular story or article about a stupid people… it’s just a thought that popped into my head whilst playing freecell. i leave you now with a thought, how much gooder would the world be if everyone just had a little bit of common sense?

man, i hate stupid people.

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