she’s back

yay! katie got back from belize LATE last night (i picked her up from the airport at midnight) and she was very excited to be back in the states. i have heard very little of her stories from the trip, but that’s cuz it was late – tonight we’re goin out for dinner (on a date, oooooohhhhhh) so i’m sure i’ll hear muches of stories.

oh, and sister called me to rub it in that she got to see brian regan last night. i haven’t heard from her as to how it was, but i’m sure it was spectacular and i’ll be hearing from her soonly with more rubbing of it in…

1 thought on “she’s back

  1. HE WAS HILARIOUS! Oh, man, my tummy hurt so much from rolling laughter! I can’t really say much else, because words to describe his comic genious would not do it justice.

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