whatta weekend

ain’t it amazing what a good weekend will do for a guy? had a bunch of goodies goin on this weekend. saturday, we bought a storm/screen door for out front door. we’ve been wanting to get one for a while, and it was beautiful enough to get-er-done. so we bought the thing and i started workin on gettin er installed. i got only so far before we had to run to meet katie’s brother and her parents for dinner. mike (her brother) came up from florida for an extended weekend (is interviewing up this-a-way for a job today). so we had a champ’s dinner and then katie and i went to $cotty and Red’s engagement party. good times i tell ya. we watched the twins beat up on the d-rays and told stories, most of which were exaggerated 🙂

sunday, katie and i did a long overdue sleep in – then went to visit her grandpa (parents and brother) in eau claire. post visit, katie had some piano lessons to teach. i finished putting up the storm door whilst she finished some of the paperwork for the new job (which started today – yay). a nice relaxing weekend. good times.

AM REPORT: towel bench and box squat – felt pretty good after the nice weekend, a couple records to boot. 3×5 this week: towel bench went something like 335, 355, 365lbs and box squat 565, 585, 620lbs. at least i think that’s what i did, i don’t have my card with me, regardless, a decent morning workout.