linux stumble

i just had to laugh when i stumbled across this web gem. i’ve played with a couple distros of linux, and the only real issue i’ve ever run across is driver support (and then only with some old wireless cards for laptops). in fact, i’ve got one older laptop, that won’t even load the windows installer – all i get is a blank screen when i restart the laptop and run the installer from the cd – however, i’ve got it running a Ubuntu derivation of linux (i believe it’s Xubuntu) like a champ! i like to putz around with games, too – and that’s reason #2 i haven’t completely abandoned the world. #3 is that i do run some applications that i’m not sure are linux compatible… and the last real big hangup from completely switching over my entire fleet of computers to linux: i’m the PC support guy for the majority of my family.

i’ve enjoyed poking around the free and magnificent world of linux. and if the world wasn’t in such a crystalizer by the gates’ and jobs’ of the world… i think linux would be king.

while i’ll say i’m a PC guy, i’ve worked on macs as well and our graphics department at wurk has macs… i find myself not completely hating them. i likes some of the things they’re capable of doing (i’m a fan of the toolbar and the ease of switching programs amongst other things). and if they weren’t so damn expensive and i so short on moneys, i might actually think about purchasing one… but don’ t tell that to the many mac users that i’ve made fun of over the years about this… (then why am i posting it for the world?? meh).

katie starts her job-shadowing on monday. she’s real excited about the new job. she went shopping today to get ‘new professional clothes’ which is just a reason to spend some moneys if you ask me. she did stop in and surprise me at work today, which was cool. i’m extremely happy that she’s gotten the job – she’s been a lot more relaxed, a big stress no longer weighing her down, and when momma’s happy, you’d better damn well be happy too! 🙂

AM REPORT – bench and squat day: not the best day, but not the worst either. i gotta knee that’s buggin me, but i was still able to break some records! 3×3 – finished the bench with 355lbs on my last set and 485lbs in the squat, although both were pretty darn tough. lookin forward to taking a couple days to rest up (the weekend) and get back after it on monday morning.

side note: i’ve actually been doing some of that posting stuff this week! how’s bout that.

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  1. if you happen to read the linked webpage about linux vs windows, continue to read the comments. and you’ll come across the link to this page. a very extensive writeup on how linux isn’t windows and doesn’t intend to be. at least i enjoyed it.

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