tired day

last night i ventured out to check out the scots – a semi-pro team out of st. cloud. they were terrible last year and they play in the GPFL (i’d post the league site, but i’m not sure what it is). i’ve been highly recruited to play for them, they’ve gotta new coach (same coach of the alexandria mustangs back in the day) and quite a few players – even a handful of decent players. now, i know some peeps be reading this expecting me to say what i’m gonna do – well, tough luck. i’m still thinking. i know they want me to play pretty bad. its tired out and i’m thinking it’s bed time right now, yesterday i was gone from 5am to 10pm, worked out in the morning, worked all day and then went to the scots practice. this morning, well, read the AM report below. i felt good last night at practice, got to run around and make a couple guys look like fools (that’s always fun). i spose you’ll just have to check back to see what i decide to do (and then, what we (as in the wife and i) decide to do as it’s not just my decision anymore).

good news is we’re getting our new equipment at the fitness center soon! maybe tomorrow i’ll put some photos of what the place looks like – but like i said, today is tired out… it’s sleepy time.

AM REPORT: power clean and trap bar (deadlift) 3×5 – today i was sorer than i thought i was going to be and it might’ve just been cuz i was tired from the long day yesterday. the powerclean was fugly: 280, 295, 295 (4) the trap was a little better, at least i broke some records in the trap: 485, 495, 510lbs – still i’ve definitely had better days.

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