a better day

well, i certainly did whine quite a bit yesterday, so i’m going to be a little more positive today. while i’m still somewhat sleepy (and as soon as katie comes home and the load of laundry is finished, it’s bed time). i was able to get some things accomplished today and that’s a good thing.

i promised a photo of the fitness center today, so here we go:

T’s Health & Wellness Center

I’m not even sure if i’ve really let everyone in on the lowdown with the fitness center. here’s my attempt at such long overdue explainings:

last winter, katie was working at horizon chiropractic. a client and owner of a 24hour women’s only fitness center came in to tell dramy (the chiro) that she was moving to washington DC and had to sell her business. (i call her dramy cuz her name is amy and she’s a doctor… dr. amy… dramy, get it?) dramy and angie (the fitness center owner) had begun their businesses around the same time, so they got to know each other fairly well; both being in health related industries in river falls, they did a bunch of ‘new business’ stuff together. dramy jokingly said katie should buy the business… little did she know, katie was having a similar thought. that night, she and i talked about it during dinner. i kinda laughed it off at first. but i got to thinking about it and the next day i called katie and told her to get more information about it. well, she did and we weighed the pros and cons and had many a discussion about it. we asked a friend who worked at a bank if he wanted to partner with us and at the time, my dad had just quit his job. well, the friend decided it wasn’t in everyone’s best interest (as he was living quite a ways away). so we asked my dad if he would be interested. in an email he wrote; “if you don’t buy it, i’ll buy it myself” – we knew he was in. so we did it. we formed an LLC – T’s Health & Wellness Center was born. (i didn’t come up with the name – that was katie’s suggestion. my suggestion didn’t get too far: “Fitness U-Foria” or FUF for short! eh, eh? nah).

We purchased the fitness center on December 1 – slowly but surely, it’s become more and more “ours” as we painted and have made changes to the place. we’ve got a decent client base and we’re progressing (we’re getting some new equipment next week! and we’re all pretty excited about that). so now you all know about the fitness center in a nutshell. i’m sure i’ll be talking more and more about it as time goes on.

AM REPORT: usually thursday is a running/agility day, but the track boys have a meet tomorrow, so we lifted frid lifts today: bench and squat 3×5 – after yesterday’s poor performance, i honestly wasn’t expecting much this morning. i was still somewhat tired – just worn down. but i did have a decent day, broke some records even. bench – 325, 340, 350lbs squat – 415, 435, 455lbs.