what the…

i was pretty darn close to losing it, cuz i thought i’d lost all of my posts previous to the ones i’ve been writing about since the upgrade – well, for a while there, i did lose everything – not sure why or where they all went, but i still had a version of them on my local machine, so i was able to export and upload them here – now all the gloriousness of the past is once again searchable and viewable on this here site – i hope this doesn’t happen again, cuz that was just annoying.

last night i was volunteered to help out at the Ladyslippers banquet. the Ladyslippers is an all-ladies chapter of Pheasants Forever which was started by the ladies at the national office (where i works). as always, it was pretty fun – however, my table wasn’t able to make it (side note: for the last two years, i’ve been the ‘cabana boy’ for a table of ladies who are just a hoot. we have plenty of good times, i get them drinks, watch their silent auction items, help them read their raffle tickets at the end of the night… it’s fun), so i had a different group at ‘my table’. let’s just say, i’m going to be calling the girls from previous years and get them back for next year.

Katie and i are getting ready to head out to Let’s Dish. if you haven’t heard about this, you should really check it out if there’s one in your area. it’s pretty slick. basically for about $5 a plate, YOU prepare some pretty darn good dishes, stick em in the freezer and when you’re looking for something to eat for din-din down the road, take it out and read the cooking directions. some pretty stellar stuff has been eaten by katie and i through this program… uh oh, i’m starting to get the evil eye cuz i’m not getting ready… better roll! 🙂