how true

i’ve a handful of online comics that i read in the morning (tons better than the crap in the paper these days). and one of my latest favorites is xkcd. this is a higher-level thinking type of comic – and if you’re keen on the math and computers you’ll prolly laugh a bunches if you read through the archives. the author of this site is pretty much a smart cat and i giggle most everytime i read this comic and this morning was no exception. my ‘train of thought’ is very similar:

xkcd comic

this weekend, i did a lot of relaxing and work. i’ve been slacking on the latest bit of wedding photography as of late. but i got a good bunch of work done on the plethora of photos i took. and i was also working on some more of this site (check out the about T section). i’m planning on getting the rest of the site back up (updated of course) in pieces – as well as getting the

AM REPORT: towel bench and box squat 5-3-1. this week is our ‘max out’ week in the BFS program, a set of 5, a set of 3 and a one-rep max (or more). always a fun week! this morning was pretty good for me, i was well rested after the weekend. towel: 355×5, 390×3, 405lbsx1 – that one was pretty tough (i actually tried 415, but that wasn’t happening this morning). box squat: i’ve been using a ‘2’ box for a while and today it was quite apparent that i should be using a 1 box (different height). so i’ll be switching up next monday. i had a lot of weight on the bar today – to the point where the bar was bending pretty extensively just sitting in the squat rack. this morning: 605×5, 675×3, 725lbsx1. records were broked today!