excitement, even on monday

i didn’t post on frid – cuz i was busy. katie and i left frid night to visit some friends down in des moines. a very relaxing and muchly needing great time! not only that, but sister was in des moines for the drake relays, so we got to spend some time with her on saturday night along with the ‘rents (who were down for the meet and to see sister as well). ahhh good times had by all.

today, i worked from home because i needed to head on over to the fitness center as we got our new equipment! very exciting, i must say. two new ellipticals, 2 new treadmills, a recumbent bike and a multi-gym-type-deal… very top-of-the-line and brand, spanking new! now, we’re starting to separate us from the rest of the fitness centers in the area. i call that progress. i forgot to bring the camera, but i’m prolly gonna head over there tonight, so i’ll snap a couple shots and put em up later times.

AM REPORT: box squat towel bench (10-8-6) – box squat i dropped from a 2 box to a 1 box (as i stated last week) – wow, what a difference an inch or two makes… still broke some records, but i was definitely feeling it. towel bench was pretty alright as well. broke some records there too!