Week 3 Day 1

After the last couple of days, all the garden work and the long couple of runs, I decided to take a day and try to do as little as possible. My hamstrings are still crazy sore and I do have a run tomorrow and Wednesday, so I had myself a little recovery day.

The weigh-in this morning (almost forgot that it was Monday!) wasn’t as pleasant as last week, but then again, I did have a couple days where I fell away from strict program eating. The extra brat yesterday, the shortcuts we took this week and so on… that being said – I was still down another 5 lbs! that’s a total of 16.6 lbs since the start of the program only 2 weeks ago. The scale also says that my body fat percentage is WAY down (about 6%), but I don’t know how accurate that is. However, the measurements have decreased over 7in combined in all the different 13 different areas, but I haven’t lost any inches in the neck or arms, but 6 of those inches have come from my mid-section: chest (1″), stomach (2″), waist (1″), hips (2″). That’s pretty much exactly where I want to lose the inches.

Today’s Fuelings:
0910: Crunchy Berry Os
1150: Berry Blast Yogurt Smoothie
1350: Rustic Tomato & Herb Penne

1830: Meal – Fish & Mixed Greens Side Salad (~3 grilled trout fillets & 4 panfish/perch fillets)
2145: Creamy Chocolate Shake
H2O: ~12c

We had my parents over to celebrate Memorial Day since they also did not head up to the cabin due to the forecast of rain that never happened – maybe up north got some, but we sure didn’t get much of anything. Regardless, we cooked up the fish we caught last week at the cabin along with the trout my dad and I caught on Thursday. Along with a side salad of spinach, zucchini, pico de gallo and shredded carrots, a complete meal was had – so much so that I forgot the photo and had to go with a remnant of the meal photo. We also got out and played a little Bocce in the backyard/park – really that might’ve been the only ‘activity’ I did today. It’s very possible that I ate too much of the fish to follow along with the program and that will be my primary focus the rest of this week – getting back on track with the leaner and less protein filled meals, to keep losing the inches and lbs. But this weekend was a very useful and relaxing break.