Week 2 Day 4

Today I took a day off from work… just a random “mental day”. It’s something that I don’t think I’ve ever done, but after the last couple of weeks, just needed to get out. It was a beautiful day and I went to the Rush River with my dad fishing. It didn’t feel like it, but we were out there for 7 hours, caught a bunch of fish but only brought home a couple (most were less than an inch short of being able to keep). It was a great day. My fuelings were all screwed up – I realized after we got to ‘the spot’ that I had left my pack of snacks (I did think ahead and grabbed 3 bars for the afternoon) in the car. It wasn’t until my alarm had gone off twice that I realized I really NEEDED something or things might have gotten crazy once we got back. So I did take a break from fishing and went back to the car to get the fuelings. This might explain the weird times for the fuelings.

When my dad and I got back, we needed something quick for dinner, so we grilled up some chicken and Katie had found that Aldi had asparagus for $2/bundle. So we grilled that up. Quick and easy and I found that I felt okay with just that – no side filler of taters or mac N cheese as I usually would have with a meal like this.

Today’s Fuelings:
0720: Chocolate Chip Pancake
1400: Caramel Delight Bar
1540: Cranberry & Honey Oat Crisp (bar)
1750: Chocolate Fudge Bar
2000: Meal – Grilled Chicken (8oz) and grilled asparagus
2230: Chocolate Chip Cookie
H2O: ~12c