Week 2 Day 3

Day 10 on the program, I’ve eaten all of the items in the starter pack at least once and at this point the initial excitement and luster has fallen off. One nice thing about the OPTAVIA program is you can kinda go into thought-less mode. My alarm goes off and all I have to do is grab a something out of its box – a bar, a quick shake or something where all I have to do is add water to the packet and warm it up in the microwave. The fuelings are all that simple. But I found myself in auto-pilot today. There is not the “OooWee, I wonder what new little treat to try out next” moments, but I’m not staring blankly into the fridge or going back and forth between pantry cabinets snacking while I find/make something to eat – which has always been my biggest problem.

Today’s run was a short 1.5 mile trek – which is something I never thought I’d type/say. Held onto a 9:15 pace. After the 3 miles of running yesterday, I was definitely feeling it, but I got it done!

The other aspect of this being 10 days in and in the middle of a quarantine/pandemic situation is we’re starting to get a little lazy with meal time. With the kids, we throw on a pizza or some mac N cheese. However, I’m trying to be smarter about what I eat. Today, while it may look like it was already eaten and regurgitated, was my attempt at making an omelette – I stuffed it so full of peppers, lettuce, tomatoes (using the 3 ‘greens’ for the most part) that I wasn’t really able to omelette the filling, so it turned into more of a scramble. Now, I think this is more protein than is recommended for the OPTAVIA program. But I really needed a more substantial meal today. I’ll probably end up paying for it come weigh-in time next week. This was the first time I cut up lettuce and put it into an egg scramble, which didn’t bother me. I would’ve used spinach, but we were out. I also would’ve generally had 3-4 slices of toast to go along with a meal like this, which was not added to this. Baby steps of progress…

Today’s Fuelings:
0730: Dark Chocolate Cherry Shake
1040: Chocolate Mint Bar
1255: Chicken Noodle Soup
1540: Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
1820: Meal – 3-Egg Veggie “Omelette” – or rather more a scramble
2125: Berry Blast Yogurt Smoothie
H2O: ~12c