Week 1 Day 4

Today was the first day where I felt overly hungry at any point… and it might’ve been because I wasn’t on schedule more than anything. I also had my lunch-time snack with the boys as they were eating and was very jealous of their lunches. Staying the course… staying the course.

0740: Chocolate Chip Pancake(s) – apparently, the suggested amount of pancakes to eat is NOT all of them. The pancake was good though. Simple mix, cook and eat. No syrup and just a little butter (1/2t).

1110: Garlic (s)mashed Potatoes – I forgot to set the alarm and the day got away from me, so I went with a more ‘hearty’ option for the second fueling. These were also pretty good – good flavor, not all that different in flavor than the boxed potatoes from the store.

1340: Dark Chocolate Cherry Shake – I can tolerate milk chocolate, but dark chocolate… no bueno. The cherry wasn’t bad, but I’ll probably avoid this one in the future (after I finish the other 6 packets of this stuff). That’s just me and my weird preferences.

1625: Honey Sweet Potatoes – These were really good. A package of powdered sweet potatoes, a hint of honey and cinnamon… yum!

1900: Meal – we got rid of the kids tonight (they went up with Grandpa to the cabin and we’re going to join them tomorrow), so we were able to explore some non-kid-traditional options for dinner. We julienne’d some zucchini, saute’d with coconut oil and I mixed in some shrimp. Added a teeny bit of mozzarella cheese, although, I think this would’ve gone much better with shredded Parmesan – all in all, it was pretty good for just throwing a couple things together.

2140: Strawberry Shake – 4 days in and I hadn’t busted out the strawberry shake yet… Pretty solid shake.

H2O: 17 cups