Week 1 Day 3

Today was much better, there was a slight – very slight – twinge of a headache, but nothing like yesterday. Rumor has it, I’m past that bad spot and we’re onto the fat burning stage of the program.

My running program, through my Garmin Instinct watch and the Garmin app, calls for a short run today – 1mi. Last couple of times I continued to drop my time and am nearing the 8min mark. At this vintage, a sub 8 minute mile is not something I would’ve expected. These really are interesting times.

0750: Berry Crunchy O’s – these were pretty good – now about a 1/4 of what I usually devour when eating cereal, but that might be part of my problem. Had these with a little almond milk, which is meh. I think they would be just fine with good ol’ moo juice.

1015: Silky Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Bar – fairly standard bar. This was on par with a smaller protein type bar – it was edible and filled the gap.

1215: Chicken Noodle Soup – this soup smelled wonderful, but the ‘noodles’ were very starchy in texture – I was disappointed in this one. This is probably my least favorite in the box so far.

1445: Honey Mustard & Onion Sticks – wasn’t sure what to expect prior to opening the package, but these were not too bad. The flavor was pretty good and it was a decent little snack to wrap up the ‘pre-meal fuelings’.

1900: Meal – made slippy Joes, a homemade favorite and I did not partake in any buns. Weighed it out at 8oz on a bed of spinach with a single cob o corn on the side. Yeah, I know that corn is a starchy vegetable… but the family is a big fan and you still gotta live!

2120: Yogurt Berry Smoothie – after my run tonight, I didn’t feel much like a sweet brownie/cookie snack for the final fueling… I went instead for the smoothie. I didn’t use any ice, just cold tap water and it was really good. Pretty sure that’s been my favorite so far.

That being said, the starter pack I got has plenty of variation. I haven’t doubled up anything yet, I’m 15 fuelings in and there are still some options I haven’t uncovered yet (and I’m looking forward to trying a number of them)