Week 1 Day 2

Day one is never all that bad. I think anyone can do something for a day. Following it up and doing it for a week or a month is another thing. Today, things hit me. I was fine throughout the morning, but halfway through a meeting in the afternoon I got a wicked nasty headache. I wrapped up my meeting and had to lay down for a spell. Trying to stare at a computer screen wouldn’t have benefited. I told co-workers I was going to rest my head and that I did. I was able to finish the day after that, but I still feel it a bit. Now, that’s not to say I broke my stride- far from it. I stuck to the plan, had my 4 fuelings and kept dinner under control. I’ve got my final fueling of the day in about 30 minutes and I’m off to bed.

My coach has been checking in, which is great. I can see how having that support line is a key to a successful experience. Now, she’s actually got a history with my wife, so she’s been calling her – but the info is being passed along. The headache is a part of the detox process and is not unusual. Without the check-in and heads up (pun intended), I might’ve said “F this” and dropped things immediately. Apparently, the way I’ve been eating needs to get out. I’ve been peeing a TON and spent some, uh, extended time on the throne today – all a part of the cleansing.

I also kept on my running program. Even after the headache, it felt good to get outside and break a sweat. It was a 2mi run and I kept it under a 10min/mi – actually, 9:32min/mi. Not bad for how I felt earlier.

Now, my fueling choices for today:

0700: Cinnamon Swirl Cake – a decent little belly filler to start the day off right. Not too sweet.

0940: Double Peanut Butter Crisp – another bar. Not a fan of peanut butter stuff either (along with the not a big fan of chocolate turns out to be something I’m just going to have to ignore), but it wasn’t horrible.

1230: Cranberry Honey Nut Granola (bar) – was in a meeting and had to grab something quick as my alarm went off… the bars do serve a purpose! Wasn’t bad, but this is when my headache really started to get to me, so I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was eating – just trying to stay relatively upright and coherent during the call!

1545: Buttermilk Cheddar & Herb Biscuit – after the meeting, I did lay down for a nap to fight off the headache and needed something a little more substantial for my 4th fueling of the day. The buttermilk biscuit, was the go-to. The part of this program that gives it a chance is the fact that I’m eating food – it may be packets of powder that I put into a dish with some water and heat in the microwave – but it does end up being food

1930: Meal – I grilled up some pork chops, ate about 8oz (6oz to start and help Jonathan finish some of his 2nd chop for an approximate additional 2oz) and had a side of fresh asparagus; oiled, seasoned and grilled. I probably went over with quantities of both (both were delicious), but I kept extra snacking at bay. No other sides, no starch, no bread. I would’ve taken a photo, but it was gone before I thought about it.

2200: Chocolate Chip Cookie – more of a chip doughy brownie, but it’s a nice treat at the end of a day.

H2O: 16 cups and 3 cups of Isagenix Hydrate (to replace some electrolytes)