vienna’s interested

i’ve already gotten yelled at by more than a few peeps regarding my lack of posts… so we’ll just forgo the appologetic words here….

i just got an email from vienna – they got my film and they’re impressed. they’ve got one import spot left on their roster and right now they’re evaluating their needs. a mention of the RB position being a possiblity for need of improvement brought a smile upon my face. he said that they’re definately going to make a decision before the first of next year and possibly by mid-december. so far, so good… updates as they come…

3 thoughts on “vienna’s interested

  1. i’ll be praying for ya!! 🙂 good luck. i’m sure you’ll get it….just as I move back to MN, you’ll move away…..that’s just how it works. 🙂

  2. You should check and see if they need a short, white, injured wide receiver too. I have a big mouth, maybe they need that?

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