okay i know it’s been a while since i’ve actually posted on this, and i’ll refrain from using the ‘i’ve been busy’ line…. 😉

NEway, i had to tell the world a thing or two bout what’s goin on with lil ol me… mostly regarding football. cuz what else is there? well, most realize that the alexandria mustang season is long since been over and we finished 7-3 lost the first round of playoffs… blah on that, it was a fun season tho. then the maulers, we finished 10-1 – lost the league championship game, which wasn’t fun times. however, with our record we were invited to the national championships (actually two different ones) and we’ve decided to play in a one-game championship in florida in january.

then the 7on7 stuffs… we just had the 7on7 touch football state tournament this weekend, and we won! again! yep, 4 times in a row (only two for me, cuz fer i was in skool the first two), but we’re planning on taking this to the next level and playin in a flag national tourney in florida also in january (hopefully not the same weekend).

plus, i’m playing in an all-star game in december in las vegas. through FASCO. so i get to play some football and more football and some additional football this winter. hopefully, all this works out so i can get paid to play somewhere. the ultimate goal.

so that’s all that’s new with me

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  1. so…are we all invited for these big games?? you need a fan club, right?! perhaps we could even get in some seaside tailgating!!! congrats on all yer fun football invites! now you really must get practicin’ that dancin’!

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