another “for those not in the know”…

there was an article on the team i’m playing for currently in the Minneapolis Star Tribune paper this weekend, check it out – it’s pretty stellar: article. it kinda says a lil bit about the league and what it’s all about, kinda cool.

we won tonite (we played on sunday cuz fer of field conflict): 47-8. i had a decent day at the ‘office’, 20 carries for 304 yds and 3 TDs. i even got the player of the game, all because the o-line did a great job. i know some of ya’ll’s’ll be reading this, so thanks guys.

…let the bodies hit the floor…let the bodies hit the floor…

3 thoughts on “another “for those not in the know”…

  1. nice article – good luck with that! 🙂

    i just heard that song this a.m. on the way to school…

  2. T,
    And I thought everyone was joking about the whole "T dot com dot net thing".

    I rarely get to see the results of my efforts, but I did get to take a few series off Saturday. It’s amazing watching you run, you make it look so dang easy.

    But anyway, thanks for the shout-out.


    PS: Quck suggestion: can you put a non-quicktime link on your homepage? Some people don’t have quicktime on their computers, ya know.

  3. OK, yeah, so yer still workin’ on yer TD dancin’, but yer an awwwwwesome TD-er anyway. Now that ya have that all under control, how ’bout spending some time updating this?! 😉

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