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so what does it take for one to achieve ‘celebrity status’? i mean, would a potential best buy ad photo make one a celebrity? (although, i still have yet to see the pictures in the ad, maybe next week) or perhaps a superbowl commercial apperance?

well, maybe a lil explaination of why i’m asking these questions is in order… for those who i’ve not tolded… two months ago, i did a photo shoot along with a few guys from the MFL for best buy. i’ve been checking the sunday advertisement, but as of yet, they havn’t used any of the pictures from that shoot (but don’t you worry, i’ll let ya know when i see em).

also… as part of the fundraising for our trip to the National Championship game in florida in january, the maulers have come across a most excellent opportunity. next week (or this coming week) tues/wed – i, along with 20 or so other teammates, will be shooting a commercial for AT&T wireless with daunte culpepper. yeah, i’m not so excited about the whole ‘playing a viqueen’ for the shoot, but the commercial will air during the super bowl next january! how cool is that? obviously i don’t know how much of lil ol me you’ll see during the commercial… but the chance i’ll be on national tv is a possibility (prolly somewhere in the background, as culpepper will (i’m sure) get most of the main footage).

hmmmm, maybe i should look into this whole model/acting thing 😉 or then again, maybe not. stay tuned, updates on the games and misc happenings are on the way… (jilbert, this doesn’t mean you, since i can’t talk about you on my website 😉

6 thoughts on “celebrity status

  1. wow! that’s great. that would be so cool if you did get air time during that super bowl commercial 🙂

  2. See….it took a ‘viqueen’ to get you on national TV. I dont see you doing any commercials with Brett Favre anytime soon….which just further justifies my point….which is…

    Packers suck dude.

  3. what on earth?! (yeah, so i’ve been a bit outta the loop lately…) you…model?? fun! the super bowl par-tee will be real exciting this year with you in the commercials! go vikes! 😉

  4. then I will be sitting there with my buddies and nonchallantly point my finger to tv when you will be flashing your pearly whites and say "Yeah, that dude there is T. We used to sit by each other in one of my classes, he had the hots for me but… I wasn’t interested… I should give him a call, see how he’s doing."

    That’s my only chance of being cool and making friends. Help me out here, brother, don’t tell the truth.

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