ramblings on a monday night

i’m leaving for vegas in two days (actually 35 1/2 hrs or so, depending on when the plane actually takes off, but who’s counting) to say i’m excited is quite possibly an understatement and a half. i’m pretty sure i need this ‘time out’ – i need to get away from here. true, minnesota is my home and i really enjoy it here, but i can’t live like this. i’ve known for a while now that i KNOW only two things… that i NEED to leave here (at least temporarily) and that i want to play football. that’s all i know for sure. seems pretty simple. but i’m not sure how to go about doing this. i think if i’m able to do the latter, the former will naturally follow. i’m still waiting on word from two austrian teams. i’ve got the vegas all-star game this weekend. next weekend, i’m playing in the all-american bowl in the metrodome. then christmas… in january i’ll be in florida for two weekends and the week in between. the first weekend is the ‘national championship’ game with the maulers in miami (homestead, near miami) the second weekend is the national flag football tournament in orlando. the week in between i’m spending at a friend’s place in ft myers. yeah, i know, it’s gonna be a rough four or five weeks… football, sun and more football.

i actually came on here to talk about more than football and my upcoming events… but i don’t think i’m gonna anymore… cuz i don’t feel like it after that. i think my mood would just spoil the goodness of this post – cuz you can’t go wrong with football (and also, a post about football is difficult to ruin – but leave it to me to do just that…)

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  1. have fun and good luck!! 🙂 careful with the gambling…i know that at least when you and i go together, we never have good luck!

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