very bad news

we, katie and i, just found out – definately – that Cocoa has kidney disease. We found out that she had some problems two weeks ago when we took her in to get fixed and they ran some blood tests before the procedure. She had some numbers that were off and they ran some more tests. We were hoping it was just a severe urinary tract infection – and we tried some meds to try to fix the problem. another test ran today found no improvement and the infection was cancelled out. we don’t know how long we’ll have our precious cocoa – but we do know that she’ll have a shortened lifespan.

i don’t have pictures, but my sister surprised katie and i with a trip up two weekends ago for a nice lil visit. she’s got pictures of cocoa and the state touch football tournament which she uploaded to her shutterfly account – you can see em HERE.

i don’t get it. she’s got more energy than katie and i combined – she’s always looking to play fetch. i’ve got three toys on the desk right now cuz she wanted to play when i needed to do some website work… she shows no signs that there is something wrong.

…and it’s killing katie and i.

please, if you pray – and if you don’t – pray for katie, pray for cocoa, pray for a miracle, pray for a long and full life for the newest member of my family and a very special dog.

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  1. I’m so sorry… 🙁 We will definitely say people prayers and doggie prayers for you guys. From the pictures, she looks like a real cutie.

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