busy crooked priorities

i seem to restate the obvious every time i post – but i’ve neglected these wonderful posts – i guess i need to take me some blog fiber and get more regular.

NEway, here’s the latest:

i just got back from two seperate hunting trips. 1) a trip to SE Nebraska/NE Kansas to do some bird hunting and meetings for work. that was a lot of fun – i was able to stop in des moines and see rusty and laurie for an evening before one of our biologists came down and picked me up in said city before heading to Sabetha, KS. once we got down there, we were able to get out and shoot a couple roosters and some bobwhite quail – my first experience with the bobwhite. i definately need to work on my shooting. this was the first time that i had cocoa out on a hunting trip and she was the most awesomeist! she did a very good job of flushing for me and the few times i actually did shoot the bird, she did a great job of retrieving for me too. she also did a good job of making me feel worse when i missed – she’s got that look of ‘you’ve gotta be kidding me’ down really well. all in all, the trip was a lot of fun and we got a lot of work done – i call that a successful business trip.

2) as with the last 5 years, the weekend before thanksgiving is gun deer opener in wisconsin. unfortunately, i’ve just been deer hunting the last 5 years. fortunately, i’m not done. this trip is a blast every year and this year was no different. my aunts and uncles are wonderfully crazy and we have a lot of fun up there and as a bonus, we get to shoot stuff. this year was somewhat of a down year as things started off kinda slow. but we were able to knock down a couple racks this year and my dad and i both got does, so we’ve got meat and that’s why we hunt – for the fun times and meat. another successful trip.

thanksgiving is always fun and we were able to spend this year’s turkey day with my family. everyone got to meet cocoa and she’s not one to easily pass up on getting some attention. in addition, we got the video from the wedding. whoa nelly – thar be some interesting footage. the videos are awesome; definately worth the wait and the measly $100 we paid for em (is that how you spell measly?? i think you get the point, regardless). the agreement was for two DVDs and because our wedding was so much fun and there was soooooo much excellent footage – the guy gave us the two DVDs, plus a bonus DVD that wasn’t cut up so much, but still showed some wonderfully embarrasing white-boy dancings and all that encompasses the combination of too much fun and a lil alcohol.

and we’re buying a fitness center… more on that later.

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