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  1. what up babe, how have you been. im still waiting for sleepover invite. hows ur puppy doin? i got player of the week! but then i went to the doctor and found out i had mono:( Now because of injury the rb behind me on the depth chart is getting varsity reps. that sure makes a man feel good…sigh cant wait to see you again sweet cheeks!

  2. Hey T Keith Badger. Hey with the new field going in at Park me and some of the guys were thinking that Park should name the new field after Coach Ekmark, like Ekmark Field, you know. I e-mailed Kuemmel, the athletic director but you should spread the word and try and get this done because anyone who follows Park Football knows that Coach deserves this. e-mail me back at Gopher0010_11@yahoo.com and tell drew the winona-lacrosse roughriders suck

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