well, i was planning on doing an actual blog whilst away on the cruise – cuz that might be fairly entertaining… however, it was gonna cost me $.75/minute even with my own computer… so i nixed that in a hurry. so yes, i actually did went an entire week without internet. an impressive feat, no doubt. and it only took me until about 3:30 the first day back at work to ‘view’ (not completely read, but view) all the emails i got whilst i was away. and now, i’m leaving in about 7 hours to go to Reedsburg, WI for a staff meeting for the rest of the week… another chance for me to fall behind in the game of wurk.

well, for all interested, the cruise was most excellent, good times and i would go in a heartbeat again if given the chance. we went on the carnival cruise lines and sailed on the ship ‘victory’. i would go into further detail, and i might yet, but i’ve got to pack for the week still and i have some photo scanning to do before i try to get an hour or two of shuteye before i have to leave (luckily i’m not driving – at least i hope not).

right now life is crazy busy. katie has started the wurking thing at her new job and she’s still doing stuff for the wedding (how much is there to do for these things, cripes!!!!). katie and i are a host couple for a friend of mine who’s getting married next week – so she’s been basically doing a wedding, helping with another one, working two jobs, dealing with me and still trying to de-stress herself after a crazy final semester of skool. if you have a second or twelve, say a word of prayer for her. she could probably sleep for a week right now, but she continues to plug along – she amazes me.

11 days… wow, tis almost here already!

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  1. i totally know what she’s going through. i didn’t sleep for the last 2 weeks before our wedding and i lost almost 10 lbs. its amazing what stress will do to a person. it’s almost here…the best advice i can give to katie is that no matter what happens on your wedding day, there’s nothing you can do to contol it. that’s what i had to do…othewise i would have worried about every little thing. see ya guys next weekend!!!

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