just around the corner

and yes i am excited! and NO i am not nervous. i guess i just don’t get the nervous thing. i mean, i’ve known for a while now that this girl (katie) is amazing and i haven’t given it a second thought since i’ve asked her to marry me last summer.

to all those who are coming from a distance to join katie and i on saturday – specially those traveling some distances – travel safe, you don’t wanna miss the fun by being stuck in a hospital or something goofy like that.

to all those who didn’t get an invite, i guess you just aren’t a part of the cool club and i pretty much just converse with you because a) it’s a part of my job/coaching duties b) sometimes, i’m nice enough to lower my standards 3) you are unavoidable. and of course, i’m kidding. we were limited as to who we could invite due to space reasons, and that cost thing too.

but if you would like to join in the festivities, please join katie and i.

River Falls Golf Club
River Falls, WI

sally and crew: don’t say i didn’t make the effort, but this is all the invite you’re going to get.

this also means i’ll be out on the honeymoon next week, so at least THEN i’ll have an excuse as to why i’m not blorging more oftenerly.

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