permission to come aboard

well kids, i just wanted to say bon voyage – as i’ll be boarding a plane and then a boat this weekend. katie and i are goin on a celebratory cruise of weekly proportions (a gift to katie for that graduation thing). i’s bout to grab some eatsies and we be leaving soonly time.

excited is an understatement

i been meaning to write about this for a couple days now. i think the idea of making English the national language of the United States of America is an excellent idea. i’ve always been annoyed when i have to wait for another set of instructions in spanish. and the idea that people can come into this great country and think that for one second they’ve never left home – is, when you get right down to it, a slap in the face. now, when i heard that the morons in the senate are actually doing something that might piss off some people who are trying to move their country here in all it’s (un)glory – and someone turns around and calls it ‘racist’. how the crap is that racist? when i go to france, i expect to 1) know some french 2) know someone who does know french c) expect to get mocked for not knowing french. either way, i’m not going to expect everyone in france to speak english. same with every other country. know the language or prepared to get lost. the only other ‘language’ i want to see menus in – in this greatest country on God’s green earth – is braille. and making english the national language is not racist. don’t try to play ‘the race card’ with everything that is somewhat controversial. “can’t we all just get along?” no, apparently we can’t – and it’s not the white man holdin all the minorities down. it’s all the minorities still thinking there is a glass ceiling. stop making excuses, get off your lazy minority @$$, get a job, know english, get an education, make yourself useful and we’ll all be better off.

man, i hate stupid people

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  1. Just keep in mind that our ancestors…grandparents or great grandparents…were once immigrants, too. Instead of conforming to the land that was already here, we stormed over and took over…tried to erase an entire culture and make them conform to us.

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