two nights

last night when i got home after lifting – katie had a meeting and i was alone – so i played a lil online poker and won about $100 – yay me!

tonight, i worked a little later (check out teh new PF website) and was going to go for a run to get my fat@$$ into shape to some degree. but then i remembered that the office was on and was very excited. for some reason i thought that it was on at 730pm CST. however, i was sadly mistaken – and unable to watch more than 20 seconds of ‘deal or no deal’ (and how the crap is that show on for an hour??? an entire hour full of dumbness, amazing) i flipped around the multiple channels i have (but i’ve only got super basic cable, so not too many channels) and realized how stupid network programming has gotten. i was able to find the three amigos on one channel, so that helped. i then proceeded to watch ‘my name is earl’ – it was alright, not a good show like i was expecting (and as someone had suggested to me). in fact, most of that half-hour wondering if the salad i made two days ago will still be okay to eat tomorrow for lunch. the the office FINALLY came on. yaaaay!

oh, i hate commercials. until this episode, i was able to watch the entire show in a matter of 20 minutes, completely interrupted (save the times katie called me from elsewhere to do something, but even then a simple click of the pause would suffice). the commercials really ruined it for me – as they do most shows. i can’t watch movies anymore on the tele – the commercial breaks are usually much louder than the movie, they ruin key parts of movies by modifying it cuz you can’t say poo-poo nuts on tv and the pause is simply annoying.

so when did tv get so retarded? i’m really glad that i don’t watch too much of it, man, i’d be in a world of hurt then…

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  1. The joy of DVR–we always record and watch the Office later…no commercials! 🙂

    Network programming does suck…for the most part.

    My Name is Earl…it’s a love it or hate it show. I love it, Doug hates it.

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