there’s something about awesome weekends

that mondays don’t actually seem so bad. frid night rusty (my best man) and laurie (his wife), came up from des moines for the weekend. after a late start and a wrong turn they finally arrived late frid night, which actually worked out for the gooder – cuz i was making the famous ‘country pheasant’ and hadn’t realized we were short a couple key ingredients. i started with the cooking whilst katie went to get a couple groceries – rusty and laurie arrived and i gave them the tour of the house (since they’d not seen it) and katie showed up just after my dime tour. after a scrumptious dinner, we chatted and rusty and i got into the old tiger woods golf 2003 – it’s actually a pretty fun game, so fun in fact that as katie and laurie were chatting upstairs about who-knows-what (prolly wedding stuffs to some degree) until about 4 in the morning, rusty and i were playing TWG until about 5. don’t recall the last time i stayed up until 5 playing a game (or for any reason for that matter) – but at 5 it was bed time.

saturday started a little bit later (as one might assume). we had a nice breakfast and rusty and i loitered around playin more TWG while katie and laurie did some (unnecessary) shopping. i showed rusty the river falls basics (mostly for wedding day preparation, so he knew where the hotel was and whatnot). and we played more TWG and a quick game of cribbage (haven’t played that in a while either). and then we went out to eat – to famous daves BBQ and blues. that’s right bbq and blues. it’s a famous daves restaraunt, most like any other, however they have live music there pretty much every night. it just so happens that on that saturday night Ipso Facto, a local reggae band was playing. now, i was thinking to myself, where have i heard that before… and no, i wasn’t referring to any Latin derrived term, as i’m not too up on my latin. it soonly dawned upon me that there was a cat that i played football with when i played with the maulers a couple years ago who was in a band called ipso facto. i called a fellow teammate who might know such trivial fact, and sure enough. JuJu McFarlane was a former mauler and played in ipso facto. but he thought that they’d broken up or that JuJu was no longer involved. however, this happened to be a reunion of sorts. and a jolly good time it was. first song (after an extensive mic check and prep period), this old dude and lady get up and start dancing. old as in mid-to-late-40s and white as all get out. but they dance like older white people and don’t give a rats@$$ about it. it was awesome. later, more people joined them and it was a good-ole dance fest when we left to try to get some cold stone across the street before they closed at 11o’clock (at least that’s what the sign said). however, when we got out there at about 1040, the lights were off and katie was pissed. we ended up going to have a drink with her friend jill who lived in the area and calling it a night shortly after. sunday morning, rusty and laurie had to leave early as they had family on the way and a dave crouter (sp?) band concert to attend. after katie and i went to church and had a nice lil french toast breakfast… it was nap time for most of the day. after that weekend of late night, late nights it was well needed by us both.

a great weekend with great friends, does life get any better? sure it does, cuz there’s a new ‘the office’ on this thursday, no more olympics! does anyone have season two episode 3 or 4 of the BBC version? i’ve got all the rest of em, but those two seem to be more difficult to find…

4 thoughts on “there’s something about awesome weekends

  1. Sounds like a way fun (but exhausting) weekend!

    Is that the pheasant recipe that I gave you? 🙂

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing TWG until the wee hours. Reminds me of your first season in Alex….play the game, go out, and play TWG at Starnuts’ place until we fell asleep. Ah, the good ol’ days.

  3. Just wanted to touch base with you. just to ask if you could put my mom in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through treatment for cancer. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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