Softly Softly Catchy Monkey

i had to stop the second episode of the BBC version of the office once i heard the phrase “softly softly catchy monkey”… this show is hilarious. and yes, lindsey, the brit slang can throw you a bit, but luckily, i used to work with some people from england, so the accent doesn’t completely throw me off… (i’ve been down that road before, try talkin on the tele across the big pond to a guy with an extremely thik accent, i’ve had more productive conversations)

i will continue to watch the office BBC and hopefully, this will serve a suitable replacement until NEXT thursday when FINALLY, a new one comes out… the american version did use quite a lot of the same jokes – but not all of them, so it’s still worth watching…

unfortunately, the BBC version ran only 2 seasons of 6 episodes, plus a two-part christmas special…

the fit for Jim matching Tim is uncanny, mad props go to John Krasinski for the almost verbatim monologue in the first episode). i thoroughly enjoy steve carell in all he has done, but david (ricky gervais) is very good too – what’s with the tie adjustments (course, if i had to wear a tie, i’d prolly play with it all day long too). pam is about 80billion times hotter than dawn. and dwight is a much gooder loser-suckup than gareth, although gareth’s got that crack-whore, piss-ant, brit-scrawn-boy thing that would prolly have worked gooder had i seen the BBC version first.

whoa, i didn’t expect the side-by-side comparison to come out so soon.. and there’s a lot more hyphenated words in this post than usual… time to go finish watching episode two of the BBC version…

…so has anyone got the right time?… HA!

2 thoughts on “Softly Softly Catchy Monkey

  1. YAY!! I’m so glad that you are enjoying it!! I LOVED it. We are planning on owning it soon.

    Ricky has a podcast, if you are into that kind of thing…him along w/ Stephen Merchant and some other guy (Ricky & Stephen are the creators). It’s hilarious. And you find out that Ricky’s not that different from David, which is very scary.

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Office? Especially the BBC version? 🙂

  2. I thought Jim was more hip tham Tim. Tim was more of a loser, but I identified more with Tim…hhmmm…

    I agree on the Pam > Dawn point though.

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