a saddened day

many of you may or may not have heard, kirby puckett died today a result of a massive stroke suffered yesterday at his home in arizona.

i heard that he had the stroke this morning on my way to work on the radio – and then after work, i did not hear anything new until i got home and turned on the tv to check the local stations. that’s when i found out – via the news – he had passed. i was speechless and i started to get the goosebumps. growing up, i was a big twins fan. my first newspaper exposure (aside from the birth note) was me as an 8 year old. i was in st. paul visiting my dad or mom at work and i had crossed the street before the rest of my family (or after the rest of my family – either way, i was on one side of the street, they were on the other). and a reporter and a cameraman came up to me. they asked me what i thought of the twins in the world series, took my picture and got my name and where i lived – told me to check the newspaper the next day. i then rejoined my family and told them. the next day – there i was in the paper, picture and all with my quote – i wish i knew what i was quoted as saying (and of course i don’t have the paper with me, it’s at the ‘rents’ house). i was a fan of the twins and during those days it is very difficult to be a fan without paying attention to kirby puckett. his glove, his smile, his bat, his personality and, my mom’s favorite, his bubble-butt – oh, and that homerun in game 6 of the 1991 world series… priceless.

a great player, he will be missed.

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  1. I saw that he had a stroke, but didn’t know that he died! I’m so sad…what a crappy way to start the day. I say, we all should have a moment of silence for this great baseball player…for all the memories, and good times he brought to us Minnesotans! May he rest in peace.

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