been one of those ‘what the crap’ weeks

this has been a very interesting week… first and foremost, katie is in belize. she left on my birthday. i drove her to the airport early in the am – she had a 7am flight, yeah, early (and all that after getting to bed at around 1 because someone waited til the last minute to pack everything up). we did go out on a date on tuesday (i think, cuz she had to do some last-minute shopping, but i digress). it was almost as good as our wonderful KFC by candlelight valentines day. our big date night usually consists of chipotle and coldstone for dessert. it’s scrumptious and not too spendy a great combination. after i dropped off the lovely lady at the airport in the morning, early, before sunlight, i worked and worked out and started my taxes (which was kinda retarded, cuz i was uber tired). but pretty much the entire day i was tired to the point of retardation. thursday i was still spent – but made some progress and finished the taxes. i was about to be excited to watch the office… but it was a re-run. how can they do this? i was talkin to my cousin (who moved to australia 3 weeks ago) on the computer and was all “dude, i gotta run, the office is on in 5” and got all excited with a plate of corn dogs to see an episode i’d already seen (diversity day). poo. there’s always next week – i checkt the nbc website, it’s a new one YAY!

this weekend i’m gettin together with a couple guys i play football with. gonna do the bowling thing (haven’t done that in a while). should be a good time, usually, when i gets together with those peeps, it’s fun times.

a pretty crazy week. i got word from katie today in an email. she’s having a great time – they’re in the middle of jungle and she says it’s pretty darn cool (i prolly would think the same). tonight, i’m finalizing the taxes and doing laundry – how’s that for a friday night of fun?

2 thoughts on “been one of those ‘what the crap’ weeks

  1. Hello, brother. We are too much alike. I went bowling on Wednesday…it was fun times, fun times. Almost was going to go tonight, but instead, we are going to a hole in the wall place – Nicks in the Sticks – how country does that sound??? Apparently they have good steaks – we’ll see about that. Have a lovely weekend and tell the boys hi for me! Love ya!

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