to all my college friends

8 thoughts on “to all my college friends

  1. i miss you too…even though we basically live in the same city…we should get together!!

    (i assume that when you say "guys", you actually include girls too 😉

  2. of course i meant to include girls – ‘guys’ is just a general term… sometimes you ‘guys’ take things too literally 😉

    and yes, korin, we do need to get together sometime soon – we move into our new place on the 19th… wink, wink (that means you need to come over for a beverage social)

  3. I miss you too 🙁 I wish we all hadn’t moved so far apart. Oh wait–i didn’t go anywhere…. 😛

  4. I miss you too, i heart you "T". that football game was pretty sweet, i ll be at the next one on the 28th talkin smack in the stands. Goodluck the rest of the way. Peaz.

    love "Kick"

  5. I’m not your college friend, but I miss you too buddy.

    Oh wait….no I dont. I see you too often, actually.

    And I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

    Good luck with house-moving type stuff.

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