to all those sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for me to write again, this is for you. so new things have been happening – i’m in my new house! SWEET! i know what you’re thinking…. ‘luckyyyyyy!’ it’s awesome coming to my HOME and knowing this is where i live. the whole split living thing that i was doin before, just wasn’t cuttin it and it was really starting to bring me down. i had to wait two weeks to get my internet/cable – which suckt lemons, but monday was the first opportunity i had to get the guy to come in and hook us up. but i’m up and running and it’s all most excellent. good times had by all – i’ve even been able to chat with friends i havn’t been able to in a while on the ol IM’n action… good times, indeed.

in other news, the Central MN Thunderbirds finished the season undefeated 8-0 and have a #1 seed going into the playoffs which start this weekend with our game on sunday at 3pm at st johns university in collegeville, mn – i suggest you try to get out to that one if you’re able to. i think our games are tons of fun and others that have come to games have seemed to enjoy themselves. actually had a couple of the kids i coach at park come out to our last game and you’ll have to ask them, but i think they enjoyed themselves. i know a couple of those boys check this here blog, so it might not be a bad idea to check the comments on this post. i know i will be.

speaking of park, they’re 1-1. won the opener and lost a tough one last week. a game they should’ve won, but those turnovers will kill ya. and my touch football team is 2-0 so far. man i love the fall – football, football, football.

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  1. that is so awesome!!!! congrats!!!! you should post pictures so we can see 😉

    ps — could you link me by my blog name, instead of my nick? work issues… 🙂

  2. yay for the new house! it sounds like life is going well for you. i’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to.

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