the dance(s)

well, it’s that time of year again… the MFL Championship game is this sunday. if anyone is in the St. Cloud area, i suggest you go check it out as it is sure to be a helluva game. St. Cloud State University – Thunderbirds vs Titans – Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 – 12:00pm

also, my cousin is getting married this weekend! it will be many fun times as the family gathers. course, tis always fun times when the family gathers… yay for family gatherings!

and, yes it is possible to do both – as i will be doing both – the wedding is sometime on saturday (i don’t know when, i just know i gots to be there on frid evening for that rehearsal thingy). the fun part is later that night and afterwards, we’ll be driving part way to st. cloud and getting some sleepy – then it’s up in the am to get to the ball game. and then it’s time to get my game on and we’ll have some fun afterwards. life is good!

7 thoughts on “the dance(s)

  1. T, We love you, we honestly love you. BUT…. Doyle is going to have a hayday this weekend. My Prediction: Doyle: 3,000 tackles, 8 fumble recoveries but only 7 returned for touchdowns, and 1 interception off of a halfback pass. T: -350 yards rushing, 18 fumbles, 8 of which recovered by doyle (7 returned), and you play so horrible they actually take points away from your team. Good luck! Be smart at the wedding! Sorry about the whole truck incident. Your steroid secret is safe with us, so is your excessive butter eating habit.

    Sally and Mac

  2. Hey T,
    You never told me that you have a website! Well, I’m going to St. John’s and I hear that is where you play your home games. Thats kind of a weird coincidence. Next time you are up here stop by to say hi. I left my email adresss so shoot me one. Cya

  3. LOL, ya I pussed out for the the game, but I think that Sally and Mac had a pretty good Idea of what would have happened if i would have been there. I do think that I would have only had 2,999 tackles, but they were close.

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