ever had one of those? i have – and it scared the crap outta me. why? well, cuz i saw a play from last night happen two years ago… let me explain.

last night, i played a football game against the maulers – who, you might remember, i played for two years ago. it was also during that time (two years ago), that i had a vision – i’m not sure if it was a day-dream, or a night-dream or what – but i remember rather vividly a play in a football game. off-tackle to the left, i see a hole and go for it. the hole is quickly closed by a linebacker coming from inside and he gives me a vicious hit at the time, i didn’t think much of it except:

  1. why are the maulers wearing white jerseys (we only had green jerseys)
  2. why would i be running against the maulers when i, myself, am a mauler

fast forward two years (because the thunderbirds did not play the maulers last year)… to last night. we (the thunderbirds) were playing the maulers. it was a tough game, a hard-hitting game, a fun game to be a part of and be playing in. early in the third quarter we call a running play to the right – i cut it back to the left… and i see a hole off-tackle (do you see where i’m going with this?) should i mention at this point, that the maulers were wearing white jerseys? or perhaps re-mention the fact that i’m no longer playing for the maulers?

i saw that exact, same play two years ago. i saw it happen waaaaayyyy before it actually did. and that’s enough to freak even me out. all i know is that it’s a good thing we called a pass play next, cuz i was still in shock. and even now, i still am slightly freaked out about it. dude, i saw that play two years ago…


as for the thunderbirds, we won that game 28-21 – it was our closest game this year. we knew it was going to be a tough one. we made a plethora of mistakes early in the game and we were definately tested as a team in this one – but at the end of the game, we walked away victorious.

so now we’re an undefeated 4-0. with a couple interesting games coming up. next week we play the pioneers, who’ve been struggling this year under new leadership (after winning the league championship the last two years).

this thunderbirds team is by far one of the mostest funnerestly bestest teams i’ve ever played on. a GREAT group of guys who’ve really jelled well these last couple months. we play hard and we play together. and at this level, that’s what it’s all about.

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  1. Are you still yapping about that? I thought you got it out of your system at TGI Friday’s on Saturday night?

    And by the way, love your grammar.

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