big rocks first

i’ve not been writing as much as i’d like and that upsets me. Michelle emailed me one of her latest entries (thanks Michelle!), which was yet another literary adventure, i began to think about the fact that often times i block up when i’m tryin to get a point across… or i have so much to say, i can’t keep on one issue long enough to complete a sentence. but whenever i do write, be it via web or in that old fashioned journal made of paper and ink, a relaxation comes upon me. maybe cuz i don’t have to keep it all to myself once it’s posted or actually written down. maybe it’s cuz i actually took the time out of my hellatious schedule to do something to put myself at ease. i should stop workin on the website for a few minutes and turn out the lights, play my guitar or listen to music in the dark.

how at peace am i when i’m able to accomplish so much by not doing anything. maybe someday i’ll finish reading those four books that are partially read. maybe someday i’ll pick up my camera and wander about my hometown and see something i’ve never seen before, but has always been there.

i know that i’ve often put the sand in the jar before i tried to put the rocks in. if you don’t know what illustration i’m talking about read “Is it full?”. i know what my rocks are – for the most part – maybe i need to sit in the dark and figure out exactly what those rocks are… *side note: what about the dark is so introspective? and is introspective even a word? if it’s not, you know what i mean* sometimes the all-too-obvious rocks are still sitting on the desk as the sand seeps out of the top of my jar.

to all my rocks, it’s a work in progress – but it will get straightened out.

3 thoughts on “big rocks first

  1. T you are a man of many talents. i just learned that you are the man behind the new MFL web page, the Thunderbirds web. page and now this. I still don’t know what it is you really do for a living, i thought you were going to be a professional chef, what happened to that. Glad to see that you are still playing football, at least untill we play on 7-17. Good luck this weekend in Ladysmith i am sure you will come out with a win and some experience. We have our first MFL game against the Lumberjacks tommorrow, should be a fun hard hitting game. Don’t know who will win, this will at least give us a gage of the talent levels in the MFL. On second thought we will win, you have to think that way don’ ya. See ya in a week. James O

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