one down

well, we had our first game on saturday (we being the Central Minnesota Thunderbirds). and it was a good game for us for the most part. we won 29-3, that was good. our defense was solid, that was good. our offense struggled at first (bad), but came together in the end and did fairly well (good).

we of course had our first game mishaps, but we played together as a team extremely well and that’s why i’m driving out to st cloud to play semi-pro football cuz of the team. this has the opportunity to be a great year… come on out to a game if you’re in the area, or if you’re not – still come out. it’s good football. and a fun time had by all. the schedule is on the TBirds website and also on mine (on the football page).

1 thought on “one down

  1. You know its also that wonderful coaching staff that makes you come out to St. Cloud…..

    Face it, you’d miss me if I was gone.

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