the center

so katie and i ventured over to the fitness center tonight and we had some pseudo-meetings with the ‘rents – they come in monday nights and my dad puts on an exercise ball class and my mom does some ‘office work’. so katie and i went in so we could discuss some things… we brought Cocoa in so they could see their ‘grand-dog’ and i must say, i was impressed.

a couple of weeks ago, we purchased a pincher collar for cocoa – she’s got an issue with really tuggin on the leash when she’s got just a regular collar or when she wears her harness… so, we go the pincher. and she KNOWS when she’s on the pincher and she is just a precious lil princess then. she’s almost another dog. this was my first experience with cocoa on the pincher… katie has used it a couple times when they go for run/walks, and she’s told me how much of a different dog cocoa has been. i definitely think this was $20 well spent.

back to the fitness center, things are going pretty good. i think we all wish we could spend more time there, but with us all having full-time jobs, that’s just not an option. it’s a fun endeavor that we’ve stumbled across and we’ve made major progress with how we operate. is good times.

i just realized that i haven’t gone into much detail about what i’m talking about here… and i think i’ll save that for tomorrow. the suspense is prolly killin some of y’all’s… and for a couple few of ya’s, it’s prolly not

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  1. I’m reading this way late so you probably won’t even see my comment. But yeah, the pinch collars are great. That’s what we use at the school I teach at. They are actually better for dogs than choke collars or pulling on flat collars, because there isn’t constant pressure on their trachea (which is damaging over time). So yeah. They rock.

  2. never too late to comment! i sees em all! cocoa knows when she’s got it on, that’s for sure and i haven’t heard katie complaining about her shoulder being pulled from the socket in a while, so that’s good.

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