beautiful day

hey, what else can you expect from the midwest in april? it’s snowing, about 30 degrees and there’s a slight breeze out of the east… it’s chilly, sloppy and wonderful. how fun would it be to bundle up and go muddin’ in a bit-o-weather like this? i submit, plenty muches of fun.

alas, i just gotta sit inside and wurk all day long. boos to that, but whatcha going to do?

what’s goin on with the Twins? they started off pretty darn red-hot and then they crap their pants for two games? that’s not right. i enjoys me watchin some twins games (even though i haven’t watched a game yet this year – i have been listening on the AM radio, though). plus, on my commutes, i been listening to all them talk stations, so i get my fix – at least basketball is pretty much done for the Twolves, so they can stop talking about that so extensively. i’m not a fan of the NBA, never really have been and don’t foresee myself ever really being. i could really care less if they just stopped playing, in fact, i’d rather appreciate it.

’nuff, of my sports ramblings… i’m done for now. this is my first attempt at just blogging on a more regular basis – what’dya think about that.

also, you may or may not realize that i’ve been workin out in the AM time with a small group of HS football players at Park and, well, i’m in need of additional motivation for some weightlossing.  so i’ll be posting some of the results of the workouts. for those in the know, we do the BFS (Bigger Faster Stronger) weight program at PHS, which consists of 6 core lifts, Bench Variation, Squat Variation, Power Clean, Deadlift, Bench and Squat. We do two core lifts every Mon/Wed/Frid. with various auxiliary lifts. that’s the basic outline of the BFS weight program. This week we all started new recording cards on week1. which is 3×3. Today, Clean and Deadlift (we use a hex bar for the deadlift). a couple new records put my current 3 rep Power Clean at 320lbs and the Deadlift 3 rep record at 545lbs. felt pretty good this morning.

this post brought to you by: Bigger Faster Stronger