Hello world!

The time has come and the time is now… the new site is in place (obviously). and you may notice that there’s not much here besides the blog… well, the rest of the site is getting upgraded as well and this was enough fun for the weekend.

i got the itch frid night and i pulled the trigger then. “What’d you do this weekend?” “me? i just redid my website, finally and then Easter stuff too.”

we’re now firing on all cylinders with wordpress – and i’m thinkin this is DEFINITELY an upgrade from greymatter… why didn’t y’all tell me before bout the wonderfulness that is, as they say in the hood, “da WP”.

as with all web designers, i’m looking for feedback on the new design – whatcha think? an upgrade? a downgrade? just a grade? holla!

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Love it! This is much more friendly to look at, good job! The header is great, you two are so cute. My only comment is that maybe you should do something more with the font for the header title “T dot com.” You know, just a different font or something simple to jazz it up just a touch.

  2. i likes that idea… i think the TDotCom could definitely use some jazzin. i was tryin to keep it simple (cuz it’s actually not a part of the header image), but we might change a couple of them thar things…

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