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we won! it was an interesting game, and we should’ve done better, but we won. interesting in many ways… first off, our offense didn’t see the field in the first quarter (they had the ball and our defense returned an interception for a td to put us up 7-0). needless to say, the offense was antsy and the defense was gettin a lil tired. when we did finally get the ball, we drove on em and scored. in the third quarter, we had a muffed play turn big. our quarterback was in trouble and he flipped me the ball. i eluded a few guys and ran it in for the score – my first receiving TD of the season (and maybe forever?) that was fun 😉 we ended up winning 28-20. gave them a couple chances in the 4th quarter with turnovers and they had a few big plays, but we were able to stay on top of em.

my numbers: 14 carries for 95 yds and the one catch (i don’t know how many yds that was) 2 TDs (1 rushing 1 receiving).


an update on the skool thing: first week of classes done. and it’s much fun times. lindsey, you have much right to be jealous 😉 all we been making is stocks for future cooking. so i don’t gots any special recipes yet. and probably i won’t have too much comin outta this first class (this is just the basic culinary skills class and for the most part we just make soups n stuph). next quarter, this might just change a lil bit (that’s the baking and pastry class). ya’ll’r probably just jealous cuz i get to play with knives every day in class and i get to cut stuffs – that’s fun.


other than them two big things goin on…. i really got nothin goin. however, i’m still pretty busy. practice 3x a week (2 for the maulers, 1 with the mustangs), lifting/running in the early days of the week, class the latter half of the week, game on saturdays… plus, that homework stuff that everyone keeps talkin bout… hmmmm, i don’t remember this stuff before. can anyone explain this to me?

things is good. life is good. people are happy and singing songs of joy. (or in my case, making a poor attempt) wheeeeee!

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  1. Congrats on the win!
    I WILL take some sort of culinary classes some day…I WILL! I would LOVE the baking/pastry class! I think I’d skip the stock-making classes….BORING! 🙂 But I’d glad you’re enjoying it!

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